ASP.NET Core 單兵戰鬥教練

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    1. Create Project with dotnet command
    2. Run Service with dotnet command
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筆記 ASP.NET Core 開發的「基本教練」,橫跨 ASP.NET Core MVC, Razor Pages, Web API 以及 Blazor 共通使用以及經常使用的操作 🐫



Create Project with dotnet command

list installed sdk

dotnet --list-sdks

list templates

dotnet new list
tempalte name new
ASP.NET Core Web API webapi
ASP.NET Core Web webapp,razor
ASP.NET Core Web MVC mvc
Blazor Server Apps blazorserver
Blazor Web Apps blazor
Blazor WebAssembly Apps blazorwasm
gitignore gitignore,.gitignore
EditorConfig editorconfig,.editorconfig
Razor Library razorclasslib
Webconfig webconfig
Library classlib

Run Service with dotnet command

running service with hot reload 🌶️

dotnet watch run


新增 file and 編輯 file

dotnet new Pages -o Pages

Architecture with Service Layer and Repository Pattern
Dependency Injection with Service
EntityFramework Core with Scaffold
EntityFramework Core with Code first
EntityFramework Code Database Migrations
Libman and Nuget
Dev with Hot loading
Hosting Model Comparison