EngDiary 0025 - Travel Guide

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A watercolor painting depicting a man and a woman, where the woman is a tourist guide. They are looking at a large, open world map together, planning their journey. The scene captures them standing outdoors, perhaps in a picturesque park with trees and a bench in the background. The woman is pointing at the map, explaining something to the man. Both are dressed casually, the man in a light jacket and jeans, and the woman in a comfortable blouse and trousers. The style is vibrant yet soft, typical of watercolor art, focusing on the interaction and excitement of travel planning.



Webber: Hi Alice, as we’re about to embark on this trip, I was wondering what kind of unexpected situations we might encounter during our travels.

Alice: Ah, excellent question, Webber! As a seasoned tour guide, I’ve encountered my fair share of unexpected events. Let’s see… we might experience flight delays or cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, or even language barriers that hinder communication.

Webber: That’s a great point about language barriers. What would you recommend doing if we encounter someone who doesn’t speak English?

Alice: Exactly! In that case, I always carry a phrasebook or use a translation app on my phone to help facilitate communication. It’s also a good idea to learn a few basic phrases in the local language, such as “hello,” “thank you,” and “where is…”. It shows respect for the culture and can go a long way in resolving any misunderstandings.

Webber: That makes sense. What about if we encounter a medical emergency? Are there any specific protocols we should follow?

Alice: Absolutely. In the event of a medical emergency, it’s crucial to stay calm and seek immediate medical attention. I always research the nearest hospitals and medical facilities before our trip, so we can get help quickly if needed. Additionally, I recommend carrying a basic first-aid kit with essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers.

Webber: Good thinking. What about cultural differences or taboos we should be aware of?

Alice: Ah, excellent question! Cultural differences can be a challenge, especially when it comes to customs, food, or dress codes. For instance, in some countries, it’s considered impolite to wear revealing clothing or point your feet at someone. Researching the local customs and being respectful of them can help us avoid unintentionally offending locals.

Webber: That’s really important to keep in mind. Finally, what if we encounter a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions during our trip?

Alice: In the event of a natural disaster or extreme weather, our safety is paramount. I always monitor local weather forecasts and have a contingency plan in place in case of an emergency. It’s essential to stay informed, follow local authorities’ instructions, and prioritize evacuation if necessary.

Webber: Thank you, Alice, for sharing your expertise. I feel more prepared now for any unexpected situations that may arise during our trip.


Webber: Alice, could you explain what we should do if we encounter bad weather during our tour?

Alice: Certainly, Webber. If we face unexpected bad weather, I’ll adjust the itinerary accordingly. For example, we can visit indoor attractions like museums or galleries instead of planned outdoor activities.

Webber: That sounds like a sensible plan. What about if someone in the group gets sick?

Alice: In that case, I always carry a first aid kit for minor issues. For more serious conditions, I’ll guide them to the nearest medical facility. Plus, I advise all travelers to have travel insurance.

Webber: Great advice. How do we handle transportation delays?

Alice: If we experience delays, I’ll keep everyone informed with updates and arrange alternative transport if necessary. It’s important to remain flexible and patient.

Webber: I see. And how should we deal with language barriers?

Alice: I’m here to help with translations and any communication with locals. Additionally, learning a few basic phrases in the local language can greatly enhance your experience.

Webber: That’s very helpful, Alice. Thank you for addressing these concerns.

Alice: You’re welcome, Webber! It’s my job to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions.


情境 英文
下錯車站 Getting Off at the Wrong Station
互換名片時 Exchanging Business Cards
介紹雙方互相認識時 Introducing People to Each Other
反對提案 Opposing a Proposal
巿內觀光 City Tours
出境與海關 Immigration & Customs
加油 Refueling
失竊 Theft
市區觀光 Downtown Sightseeing
打招呼 Greetings
打電話 Making Phone Calls
打電話求見時 Calling to Request a Meeting
打對方付費電話 Making a Collect Call
打錯電話時 Making a Wrong Call
生病就醫 Dealing With Illness & Medical Care
用餐 Dining
用餐後 After the Meal
用餐情況 Dining Situations
皮包被偷時 When a Wallet is Stolen
交涉條件時 Negotiating Terms
交通工具 Transportation
同伴突然生病時 When a Companion Suddenly Falls Ill
在公園 At a Park
在公園遊戲 At an Amusement Park
在免稅商店時 At a Duty-Free Shop
在咖啡店 At a Café
在咖啡店服務 At a Café Service
在咖啡館 At a Coffee Shop
在派對 At a Party
在美容院時 At the Beauty Salon
在飛機上 On the Plane
在俱樂部 At a Club
在旅館 At a Lodge
在海關 At Customs
在動物園 At a Zoo
在商店 At a Store
在理髮廳時 At the Barber Shop
在異國旅行 Traveling Abroad
在博物館 Museums
在超級巿場 At the Supermarket
在超market At a Supermarket
在郵局 At a Post Office
在飯店 At a Restaurant
在飯店菜單 At a Restaurant Menu
在運動館 At a Gym
在圖書館 At a Library
在圖書館研討 At a Research Library
在漢堡店 At a Burger Shop
在銀行 At the Bank
在購物中心 At a Shopping Center
在購物中心 At a Shopping Mall
在藥局 At the Pharmacy
在體育中心 At a Sports Center
在體育比賽 At a Sports Competition
在體育館 At a Stadium
托運行李 Checking Luggage
有人生病 Someone is Ill
有麻煩時 In Trouble
自動販賣機吃錢時 When a Vending Machine Takes Money
住宿 Accommodations
忘記鑰匙 Forgetting Keys
找地圖 Looking for a Map
找懂中文的店員 Finding a Chinese-speaking Clerk
把東西忘在計程車上 Leaving Something in a Taxi
更換菜式 Changing Orders
決定車型 Deciding on a Car Model
沒有事先約定時間 No Prior Appointment
秀場餐廳與夜店 Cabarets & Nightclubs
私人教練 Private Coaches
身體不舒服時 Feeling Unwell
使用旅館服務 Using Hotel Services and Facilities
到銀行開戶 Opening a Bank Account
和外國人聊天 Chatting with Foreigners
拍照 Taking Photos
拖延戰術 Delaying Tactics
招待 Hosting
注意天氣 Paying Attention to the Weather
查電話號碼 Looking Up Phone Numbers
看牙醫時 Seeing a Dentist
看球賽 Watching a Sports Game
看電影 Watching a Movie
看戲時 Watching a Play
突然不舒服時 Suddenly Feeling Unwell
約定好的 Previously Agreed
要毛毯時 Asking for a Blanket
要求見決策者 Requesting to Meet the Decision Maker
降落前 Before Landing
飛行中 During the Flight
修改衣服 Altering Clothes
修鞋時 Getting Shoes Repaired
娛樂 Entertainment
旅館服務 Hotel Services
海關申報手續 Customs Declaration Procedures
租車 Renting a Car
租車手續 Car Rental Procedures
租車服務 Rental Car Services
租保險箱時 Renting a Safe Deposit Box
起飛前 Before Takeoff
迷路 Lost
退房 Checking Out
送錯東西時 When the Wrong Item is Delivered
酒店住宿 Hotel Accommodation
酒店服務 Hotel Services
商談 Business Talks
問所在位置時 Asking for One’s Location
問路 Asking for Directions
問路時 Asking for Directions
國外旅遊的事前規劃 Planning Your Trip
寄信 Sending Mail
寄信時 Sending a Letter
逛街 Shopping
速食店與酒吧 Fast-Food Restaurants & Pubs
博物館與美術館 Museums & Galleries
尋找失物 Looking for Lost Items
提出邀約時 Making Invitations
提議簽約 Suggesting to Sign a Contract
換錢 Exchanging Money
游泳 Swimming
游泳池 Swimming Pools
登記住宿 Checking In
結束商旅 Ending the Business Trip
買水果時 Buying Fruit
買衣服時 Buying Clothes
買東西 Buying Items
買個人電腦時 Buying a Personal Computer
買書時 Buying Books
買運動鞋時 Buying Sneakers
郵寄信件與包裹 Sending Letters & Parcels
想換座位 Wanting to Change Seats
意外或生病 Accidents or Illness
慎重考慮 Careful Consideration
搭計程車 Taking a Taxi
搭乘巴士 Taking the Bus
搭乘火車 Taking the Train
搭乘地下鐵 Taking the Subway
搭乘計程車 Taking a Taxi
準備出發 Getting Ready to Depart
準備登機 Getting Ready to Board the Plane
滑雪 Skiing
詢問地方 Asking for Directions
詢問契約內容時 Inquiring About Contract Details
遇到天氣災害 Dealing with Natural Disasters
遇到天氣問題 Dealing with Inclement Weather
遇到天氣警報 Dealing with Weather Alerts
遇到文化 Shock Experiencing Culture Shock
遇到文化差異 Dealing with Cultural Differences
遇到交通安全問題 Dealing with Traffic Safety
遇到交通問題 Dealing with Traffic Congestion
遇到交通問題 Dealing with Traffic Issues
遇到安全問題 Dealing with Safety Issues
遇到安全警示 Dealing with Safety Alerts
遇到技術問題 Troubleshooting Technical Issues
遇到法律問題 Dealing with Legal Issues
遇到法律諮詢 Seeking Legal Advice
遇到社交問題 Dealing with Social Issues
遇到政治問題 Dealing with Political Issues
遇到陌生人 Meeting Strangers
遇到旅遊目的地 Dealing with Travel Destinations
遇到旅遊問題 Dealing with Travel Issues
遇到旅遊警示 Dealing with Travel Alerts
遇到網路問題 Dealing with Internet Issues
遇到語言困難 Overcoming Language Difficulties
遇到語言挑戰 Overcoming Language Challenges
遇到語言問題 Overcoming Language Barriers
遇到餐廳服務 Dealing with Restaurant Services
遇到醫療問題 Dealing with Medical Issues
遊樂園 Amusement Parks
電影院 Movie Theaters
對工作中的困難 Discussing Work Difficulties
對工作中的進展 Discussing Work Progress
對不起的應對 Responding to Apologies
對方外出時 When the Other Party is Out
對自己的工作感到抱歉 Apologizing for One’s Own Work
對別人的邀約表示客套時 Making Polite Replies to Invitations
對於文化交流 Discussing Cultural Exchange
對於文化政策 Discussing Cultural Policies
對於企業社會責任 Discussing Corporate Social Responsibility
對於企業管理 Discussing Corporate Management
對於法律問題 Discussing Legal Issues
對於政治問題 Discussing Political Issues
對於科學問題 Discussing Scientific Issues
對於音樂問題 Discussing Musical Issues
對於哲學問題 Discussing Philosophical Issues
對於健康問題 Discussing Health Issues
對於健康飲食 Discussing Healthy Diets
對於健康運動 Discussing Healthy Exercise
對於教育改革 Discussing Educational Reform
對於教育問題 Discussing Educational Issues
對於媒體問題 Discussing Media Issues
對於媒體報導 Discussing Media Reports
對於經濟問題 Discussing Economic Issues
對於歷史問題 Discussing Historical Issues
對於環境污染 Discussing Environmental Pollution
對於環境問題 Discussing Environmental Issues
對於藝術問題 Discussing Artistic Issues
對於藝術創作 Discussing Artistic Creations
對於體育問題 Discussing Sports Issues
摔跤時 Falling Down
銀行 Banking
銀行服務 Banking Services
暫不做決定 Deciding to Wait
談論會商進展 Discussing Business Progress
請店員拿東西給你看時 Asking a Clerk to Show You Items
請辦正事 Please Deal with the Matter
賭場 Casinos
機場巴士 Airport Bus
機場服務 Airport Services
辦理入境手續 Immigration Procedures
辦理住宿手續 Checking into Accommodations
辨理出境手續 Departure Procedures
選擇餐廳 Choosing a Restaurant
遺失 Lost
遺失行李時 When Luggage is Lost
遺失物品或遭竊 Dealing With Loss & Theft
錢算錯時 When Money is Miscounted
應對海關的問題 Responding to Customs Questions
戲劇、音樂劇與演奏會 Plays, Musicals, & Concerts
購衣成交 Purchasing Clothes
購物 Shopping
購物訊息 Shopping Information
購買化妝保養用品 Shopping for Cosmetics
購買服飾與鞋子 Shopping for Clothes & Shoes
購買紀念品 Shopping for Souvenirs
購買首飾配件 Shopping for Jewelry & Accessories
購買電子用品 Shopping for Electronics
點飲料時 Ordering Drinks
點餐 Ordering a Meal
轉機 Transferring Flights
醫院服務 Hospital Services
醫療保健 Medical Care
懷孕時 During Pregnancy
攝影機被偷 When a Camera is Stolen
護照遺失時 When a Passport is Lost
體育賽事 Sporting Events
觀光 Sightseeing
讚美對方的表現時 Complimenting Someone’s Performance