EngDiary 0007 - Walking in Esplanade

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A serene watercolor painting depicting a leisurely walk along an esplanade at sunset. The scene captures a calm sea on one side, with gentle waves lapping against the shore. The promenade is lined with softly swaying palm trees and benches where people sit, enjoying the cool sea breeze. A few walkers and joggers are scattered along the path, adding a sense of peaceful activity. The sky is a blend of warm oranges, pinks, and purples, reflecting the sun’s last rays. The overall atmosphere is tranquil and inviting, perfect for an evening stroll.


Webber: Good evening, Alice. This evening walk along the promenade is quite refreshing. I must say, my travel experiences in Australia have been incredible so far.

Alice: I’m glad to hear that, Webber. Australia has a lot to offer. What’s been the highlight for you?

Webber: I particularly enjoyed the vibrant city life in Sydney. The Sydney Opera House was spectacular. However, I’m keen on exploring more natural attractions. What would you recommend?

Alice: If you’re interested in nature, you should definitely visit the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a marvel of the natural world. There’s also the Daintree Rainforest, which is breathtaking.

Webber: Both sound fascinating. How do we get there? I’m assuming there are various transportation options available?

Alice: Indeed, there are. For the Great Barrier Reef, most visitors fly to Cairns and then take a boat tour. As for the Daintree Rainforest, you can drive there from Cairns. It’s quite an adventure.

Webber: That sounds perfect. I would love to experience both. Do we need to book the tours in advance?

Alice: Yes, it’s highly recommended to book in advance, especially during peak tourist season. I can help you with the arrangements if you’d like.

Webber: That would be wonderful, Alice. Thank you. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of what Australia has to offer.

Alice: It’s my pleasure, Webber. I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Let’s make the most of your time here.

Webber: Alice, considering we’re walking along this beautiful esplanade, I wonder what kind of Pokémon we might encounter here. It seems like a perfect spot for some rare types.

Alice: You’re right, Webber. The esplanade, with its proximity to the water, might attract Water-type Pokémon. I wouldn’t be surprised if we came across a Squirtle or even a Lapras near the shore.

Webber: That would be amazing! I also think that with all these palm trees and the breeze, we might find some Flying-type Pokémon. Maybe a Pidgeotto or a Wingull circling above us.

Alice: Definitely, and let’s not forget about the Grass-types. This lush greenery could be a great hiding spot for Pokémon like Oddish or Bellsprout. They love areas like this where they can bask in the sun.

Webber: True! I hope we can encounter a rare Pokémon today. Do you think there are any specific spots along the esplanade that might increase our chances?

Alice: Well, there’s a small park up ahead where various types of Pokémon are often spotted. It’s a bit of a hotspot for trainers. The variety of landscapes there—from the pond to the flower gardens—makes it an ideal place for different Pokémon to gather.

Webber: That sounds like a plan. Let’s head there and see what we can find. Maybe we’ll get lucky and spot something truly special.

Alice: Let’s do that. Keep your Pokéballs ready, Webber. You never know what might pop up around here!


What are the opening hours of the esplanade?

“Could you tell me when the esplanade opens and closes each day?”

Are there any entrance fees for the esplanade?

“Do I need to pay to access the esplanade or is it free for the public?”

Is the esplanade wheelchair accessible?

“I’m planning a visit with a family member who uses a wheelchair. Is the esplanade accessible for them?”

What facilities are available at the esplanade?

“Are there restrooms, cafes, or picnic areas available along the esplanade?”

Are pets allowed on the esplanade?

“Can I bring my dog for a walk along the esplanade, or are pets not permitted?”

What types of activities can be done at the esplanade?

“Besides walking, what other activities can visitors enjoy at the esplanade?”

Is there parking available near the esplanade?

“Where can I find parking if I’m driving to the esplanade, and what are the charges?”

Are there guided tours available for the esplanade?

“Does the esplanade offer any guided tours, and how can I join one?”

What safety measures are in place at the esplanade?

“What kind of safety measures are in place for visitors walking along the esplanade?”

How long is the esplanade, and is there a recommended walking route?

“How far can I walk along the esplanade, and do you recommend any specific routes for the best views?”


In the heart of the city, nestled between the bustling streets and the tranquil blue of the ocean, lay the Esplanade, a ribbon of peace and vitality. This story unfolds with the curiosity and adventure of Alex and Sam, two friends with a penchant for discovery, as they navigate the esplanade’s wonders and challenges.

As the sun began its descent, painting the sky in hues of gold and crimson, Alex pondered, “What are the operating hours of the esplanade, and does it change seasonally?” Their adventure was timed with precision, aiming to capture the esplanade in its most magical light.

With a map in hand and excitement in their hearts, they ventured forth, noting the accessibility of the esplanade for people with mobility challenges. The inclusivity of the path allowed everyone to enjoy the beauty it offered, a fact that Sam highlighted with appreciation, “It’s remarkable how accessible this place is, ensuring everyone can enjoy the stunning views.”

Their journey was punctuated by the discovery of amenities. “What amenities are available along the esplanade for visitors?” Alex mused. They found charming benches, viewing platforms, and even telescopes for an up-close look at the distant horizon.

Safety was paramount, and the friends felt a comforting sense of security. “What measures are in place to ensure the safety of visitors walking in the esplanade?” Sam inquired at the information booth. They learned of the regular patrols and the well-lit paths that ensured a safe experience for all.

Curiosity led them to ask, “Are there any special events or activities scheduled on the esplanade that I should be aware of?” This query unveiled a schedule of cultural performances and art installations that adorned the esplanade at various times of the year, adding layers of cultural richness to their exploration.

Parking had been a concern, but they found ample options nearby. “What are the parking options near the esplanade for visitors?” was a question easily answered by the friendly locals, who pointed them towards convenient spots.

As dog lovers, they were delighted to find the esplanade was pet-friendly. “Is the esplanade pet-friendly, and are there specific rules for bringing pets?” They discovered designated areas where pets could roam freely, a detail that made them plan a return with their furry friends.

The quest for scenic spots led them to breathtaking views, perfect for capturing memories. “What are the most scenic spots along the esplanade for photography?” This question was answered not just by the map but by every turn that revealed panoramic vistas of the ocean and the city.

Hunger eventually called, and they sought out, “Are there food and beverage options available on or near the esplanade?” A variety of quaint cafes and food stalls lined the esplanade, offering tastes from around the world.

Lastly, they embraced the spirit of health and wellness, exploring areas designated for fitness activities. “Are there designated areas or facilities for fitness activities like jogging or yoga on the esplanade?” This encouraged a plan to join the morning yoga sessions by the sea.

Their journey along the esplanade was more than a walk; it was an exploration of community, beauty, and the joy of shared experiences. The esplanade, with its inclusive paths, scenic beauty, and cultural vibrance, was a testament to the city’s love for life, open to all who sought its charm.


  • The esplanade offers a __________ walkway that stretches along the coastline, providing breathtaking views of the sea.

  • Many visitors enjoy the __________ benches placed at intervals, where they can sit and watch the sunset.

  • The local council has installed __________ lighting along the path to ensure visitors’ safety during the evening walks.

  • On weekends, the esplanade becomes a bustling hub of __________, with street performers, artists, and musicians sharing their talents.

  • Pet owners are reminded to keep their dogs on a __________ while walking on the esplanade to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

  • The __________ areas are perfect for those looking to capture the beauty of the landscape with their cameras or smartphones.

  • Visitors can find __________ maps at the entrance, guiding them to various attractions and amenities along the esplanade.

  • The esplanade is known for its __________ flora, featuring local plants and flowers that add color and fragrance to the walk.

  • Outdoor fitness enthusiasts appreciate the __________ equipment installed at various points, allowing for an invigorating workout with a view.

  • During the summer months, the esplanade hosts an __________ market, where locals and tourists alike can purchase handmade crafts, local produce, and tasty snacks.

  • picturesque

  • strategically-placed

  • ambient

  • activity

  • leash

  • scenic

  • informative

  • diverse

  • stationary

  • evening



In the golden hue of the setting sun, the esplanade transformed into a vibrant battlefield, with Webber and Alice standing at opposite ends, their eyes locked in anticipation. The air was filled with the excited murmurs of the gathered crowd, people pausing their evening walks, children leaning over the scenic benches, and even a couple of street performers pausing to watch. The esplanade, usually a place of peaceful strolls and leisurely activities, was now the stage for an epic Pokémon battle.

Webber, with a confident smile, released his first Pokémon, Pidgeotto. The bird Pokémon soared into the air, casting a large shadow over the esplanade walkway, its wings stirring the ambient lighting into flickering patterns. Alice responded by sending out Torchic, the fiery chick Pokémon, its flames gently reflected in the eyes of the onlookers, warming the cool sea breeze.

The battle kicked off with Pidgeotto diving towards Torchic, stirring up a gust of wind that caught the attention of nearby pedestrians, causing a few strategically-placed hats and scarves to flutter away, much to the amusement of watching children. Torchic, undeterred, countered with a fiery Ember, lighting up the evening with sparks that danced like the nearby street lamps.

Next, Webber switched tactics and called upon Bellsprout, which sprouted from its Pokéball, immediately swaying to the rhythm of the esplanade’s ambient music played by a nearby musician. Alice smirked and released Drifblim, its large, balloon-like body casting a soft shadow over the crowd, which looked up in awe. The battle escalated as Drifblim used Gust, creating a wind that playfully snatched a map from a visitor’s hand, turning the battle into an unexpected show.

As Bellsprout entangled Drifblim with Vine Whip, tangling around the lampposts and weaving through the fitness equipment, Drifblim managed to break free, causing a light, decorative chain to jingle melodically, adding to the esplanade’s ambiance.

Webber’s strategic choice to bring out Lapras next turned the battle’s tide. The Transport Pokémon emerged, its majestic presence reflecting on the water’s surface, drawing gasps from the crowd. Lapras created a soothing melody with Perish Song, which resonated along the esplanade, calming even the most excited of the young spectators. Alice, feeling the pressure, called upon Plusle, whose cheerfulness and electric sparks brought an energizing vibe back to the battlefield, its Charge Beam lighting up the area like the overhead string lights.

The battle reached its climax as Plusle and Lapras faced off near the water’s edge, their attacks illuminating the esplanade and captivating the audience. A well-timed Ice Beam from Lapras towards Plusle was countered with a Spark, creating a spectacular light show that mirrored the setting sun’s remaining rays.

In the end, as the battle concluded, both trainers were applauded for their skill, strategy, and the respect they showed not only to each other but also to the esplanade and its attendees. The esplanade had become more than a mere walkway; it was a place where the community came together, where the boundaries between ordinary life and the excitement of Pokémon battles blurred into an unforgettable evening.

As the crowd dispersed, with conversations buzzing about the thrilling match, Webber and Alice shook hands, their Pokémon resting by their sides, all basking in the glow of a battle well-fought and a spectacle that would be etched in the memory of the esplanade’s visitors for a long time to come.