EngDiary 0005 - Restaurant Meal Ordering

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A vibrant watercolor painting capturing the moment of meal ordering in a restaurant. The scene includes a cheerful diner seated at a table, looking up at a friendly server who is noting down the order. The table is set elegantly with a white linen cloth, fine china, and gleaming silverware. A small candle flickers softly in the center, adding a warm glow to the surroundings. In the background, other patrons can be seen enjoying their meals, contributing to the bustling yet cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.


Webber: Good evening, I’m looking forward to trying some dishes here. Could you recommend something special from the menu?

Alice: Certainly, Mr. Webber. Our chef highly recommends the grilled salmon with a side of roasted vegetables. It’s one of our signature dishes, and it pairs wonderfully with a glass of our Chardonnay.

Webber: That sounds delightful. I’ll have the grilled salmon, please. And for the starter, what would you suggest?

Alice: I would suggest the tomato basil soup. It’s light and has a refreshing taste, making it a perfect start to your meal.

Webber: Great, I’ll start with the tomato basil soup and then the grilled salmon as the main course. Thank you, Alice.

After the meal is served and Webber has tasted the dishes.

Webber: Alice, I must say, the salmon was cooked to perfection, and the wine pairing was spot on. However, I found the soup a bit too salty for my taste. Perhaps the kitchen could consider adjusting the seasoning?

Alice: Thank you for your feedback, Mr. Webber. I’m glad you enjoyed the salmon and the wine. Regarding the soup, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I will relay your suggestion to our kitchen team immediately. May I offer you a dessert on the house to make up for the oversight?

Webber: That’s very kind of you, Alice. I appreciate your responsiveness. In that case, I would love to try the lemon cheesecake.

Alice: Excellent choice, Mr. Webber. I’ll have the lemon cheesecake prepared for you right away. Thank you for your understanding and valuable feedback.


Menu Recommendations

“What are some of the chef’s specialties or signature dishes?”
“Could you recommend a dish for someone who loves spicy food?”

Ingredient Inquiries

“Is the soup made with any dairy products?”
“Could you tell me if the salad dressing contains nuts?”

Preparation and Cooking Methods

“Is the fish grilled or fried?”
“How is the steak prepared? Can it be made medium-rare?”

Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

“Do you have gluten-free options available?”
“I have a shellfish allergy; can you suggest a safe dish for me?”

Portion Sizes

“Are the portions large enough to share?”
“How many pieces of sushi come in one order?”

Pairing Suggestions

“What wine would pair well with the lamb dish?”
“Can you recommend a side dish that complements the chicken entrée?”

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

“Which dishes on the menu are suitable for vegetarians?”
“Do you offer any vegan dessert options?”

Spiciness Level

“Is the curry very spicy, or is it mild?”
“Can the spiciness of the dish be adjusted according to preference?”

Kid-friendly Dishes

“Do you have a kids’ menu or some kid-friendly meal options?”
“Is it possible to make a simpler version of a dish for a child?”

Special Offers and Deals

“Are there any ongoing promotions or special meal deals today?”
“Do you offer a discount for large groups or early bird specials?”


In the heart of the bustling city stood “The Aromatic Bistro,” a quaint restaurant known for its eclectic menu and the mystery of its ever-absent chef, Chef Léon. The protagonist, Eva, an aspiring food critic with a penchant for uncovering hidden culinary gems, decided that “The Aromatic Bistro” would be her next feature. Little did she know, her visit would turn into an adventure that extended far beyond the realms of her food column.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Eva stepped into the bistro and was greeted by the maître d’, Julian, whose eyes sparkled with the promise of a gastronomic journey. “What are some of the chef’s specialties or signature dishes?” Eva inquired, hoping to start her meal with a bang. Julian recommended the “Phoenix Fire Squid,” a dish known for its tantalizing spice and unique preparation method.

Chapter 2: The Allergy

As Eva perused the menu, her eyes caught the description of the “Nutty Nectar Salad.” Concerned about her nut allergy, she asked, “Could you tell me if the salad dressing contains nuts?” Julian reassured her that the chef could prepare a special nut-free version just for her, highlighting the bistro’s commitment to accommodating dietary restrictions.

Chapter 3: The Vegan Dilemma

Eva’s dining companion, Theo, a staunch vegan, seemed lost in the menu. “Do you offer any vegan dessert options?” he asked, hoping to end his meal on a sweet note. Julian smiled and recommended the “Avocado Lime Cheesecake,” a vegan delight that was a hit even among the most traditional dessert lovers.

Chapter 4: The Spice Challenge

Intrigued by the Phoenix Fire Squid, Eva queried, “Is the curry very spicy, or is it mild?” Julian’s eyes twinkled as he proposed a challenge, “Chef Léon believes that one’s true culinary spirit is awakened through the flames of spice. Are you willing to take the challenge?” Eva, never one to back down, accepted.

Chapter 5: The Mystery of Chef Léon

As the evening progressed, Eva’s curiosity about the elusive Chef Léon grew. She learned from whispers among the staff and the subtle clues in each dish that Chef Léon was a culinary nomad, gathering flavors and techniques from around the globe. Each dish was a chapter of his journey, and Eva was determined to uncover his story.

Chapter 6: The Culinary Compass

The Phoenix Fire Squid arrived, a masterpiece of color and aroma. With each bite, Eva felt as though she were traveling the world, from the spicy markets of India to the vibrant streets of Mexico. It was then that she realized that “The Aromatic Bistro” was not just a restaurant; it was a culinary compass guiding her through an uncharted gastronomic map.

Chapter 7: The Revelation

As the night drew to a close, Eva encountered the mysterious Chef Léon. He was an unassuming figure, his eyes alight with the joy of his craft. In their brief conversation, Eva understood that Chef Léon’s absence was intentional, a way for guests to immerse themselves in the experience without preconceived notions.

Epilogue: The Critic’s Pen

Eva’s article on “The Aromatic Bistro” became more than a review; it was a tale of adventure, discovery, and culinary wonder. She wrote of the Phoenix Fire Squid, the accommodating service, the vegan delights, and the enigmatic Chef Léon. Her closing line read, “At ‘The Aromatic Bistro,’ every dish is a journey, and every meal is a story waiting to be told.”


  • When you want to know what dishes are recommended at the restaurant, you might ask, “What are your _____________ dishes?”

  • If you’re unsure about what’s in a dish due to allergies, you might inquire, “Does this dish contain any _____________?”

  • To know how a dish is prepared, you could ask, “Is this fish _____________ or fried?”

  • If you follow a strict diet, you might need to know, “Do you have any _____________-free options?”

  • When deciding how much food to order, it’s useful to know, “Are the portions here considered _____________?”

  • To complement your meal with a drink, you might ask, “What _____________ pairs well with this dish?”

  • For those avoiding animal products, an important question is, “Which dishes are _____________ friendly?”

  • If you’re sensitive to spicy food, a key question would be, “Can the chef adjust the _____________ level of this dish?”

  • Families with young children might need to know, “Do you offer a _____________ menu?”

  • When looking for the best value, you might ask, “Are there any _____________ or meal deals available today?”

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In the heart of “Culinary Colosseum,” a unique restaurant known for its themed dining experiences, a Pokémon battle unlike any other was about to unfold. The area, designed to resemble a grand dining hall, was now transformed into an arena where culinary delights met competitive spirit. The contestants: Guest Webber, a renowned Pokémon enthusiast with a penchant for grass and psychic types, and Server Alice, a beloved employee known for her strategic battle techniques and her affinity for water and electric types.

As the guests paused their meal ordering, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The aroma of exotic spices and the clinking of fine china added a layer of excitement to the impending showdown.

Round 1: Webber summoned Snivy, the grass-type Pokémon, its slender form weaving between the tables with grace. Alice countered with Empoleon, the imposing water/steel-type, causing a hush to fall over the diners. Empoleon unleashed a Hydro Pump, sending a powerful stream of water towards Snivy. Quick on its feet, Snivy dodged, using the slippery kitchen floors to its advantage, and retaliated with Leaf Storm, causing a whirlwind of leaves to scatter plates and silverware in a delightful chaos.

Round 2: As the battle intensified, Webber called upon Drowzee, known for its psychic abilities. Drowzee’s Hypnosis was aimed at Alice’s next choice, Blissey, the happiness Pokémon. Blissey, unfazed, countered with Sing, turning the battle into a mesmerizing duel of wills. The lullabies intermingled, causing a few patrons to nod off, their heads resting on the plush banquettes, as the rest of the audience watched, spellbound.

Round 3: The air was thick with tension as Webber unveiled Tsareena, a majestic grass-type with a fierce kick. Alice responded with Luxio, her electric-type Pokémon, sparking with energy. Tsareena used High Jump Kick, leaping over tables and dodging a chandelier, to land a direct hit. Luxio, nimble and quick, used Spark, electrifying the metal utensils around the room to create a dynamic shield, deflecting Tsareena’s advances and causing a spectacle of light and sound that enthralled the spectators.

As the battle reached its climax, the interaction with the restaurant setting brought an unforeseen level of excitement. Pokémon maneuvers intertwined with the elegant setting, turning the meal ordering area into a stage for an epic showdown. The diners, now fully engaged, cheered and gasped as each move unfolded, their meals forgotten in the wake of such entertainment.

In the end, the battle was declared a draw, with both Webber and Alice demonstrating exceptional skill and creativity. The restaurant erupted in applause, not just for the thrilling battle, but for the way it had transformed an ordinary meal into an unforgettable experience. As the Pokémon returned to their Poké Balls, the diners returned to their meals, their conversations now animated with discussions of strategy and skill, the battle leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.