Azure 平台產品與解決方案 (AZ900 CheatSheet)

  1. Concepts
    1. Operational Expenditure Model / Capital Expenditure Model
    2. Region / Availability Zone / Datacenter
    3. 雲端的服務類型 Iaas / Paas / Saas
    4. SLA
    5. Cloud Features
    6. Private / Hybrid / Public Cloud
  2. Solutions
    1. IoT
  3. 學習資源

AZ-900 的考試準備筆記,精選考試重要的知識點,區別、比較,並作為知識取回的提示捷徑。



Operational Expenditure Model / Capital Expenditure Model

自己經營機房,水電、設施費用都需要納入,等價詞為 On-Premise

Region / Availability Zone / Datacenter



Azure Region

Contains one or more data centers that are connected by using a low-latency network

不是 Azure Region 每個都有 Availability Zones,可能僅由數個 Data Centers 所組成,但有 Availability Zones 的 Region ─ 很棒 😊!能夠提升服務的可用性。

雲端的服務類型 Iaas / Paas / Saas

Azure Files, Virtual Machine
Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB
Microsoft intune



99.99% - 2 virtual machines and 2 availability zones

SLA Annual MTD
99% 87:36:00
99.9% 8:45:36
99.99% 52:34
99.999% 5:15
99.9999% 32 secs


Cloud Features

Fault Tolerance / 容錯

Remains Availiable Even failure happened

Disaster Recovery / 災難復原

Recovered from failure happened

Scalability / 規模

Service perform quickly when demand increase

Low Latency / 低延遲

Service be accessed quickly

Elasticity / 彈性

App1 has low usage during the first three weeks of each month and very high usage during the last week of each month.

Private / Hybrid / Public Cloud


Azure Cosmos DB
Paas Service, globally distributed database that supports NoSQL
Azure Machine Learning Studio
AI Solutions
Azure API Management service
Azure DevTest Labs
Deploy Linux, Windows Lab Env
Microsoft Managed Desktop / Azure Reserved Virtual Machines (VM) Instances
The company has users that work remotely. The remote workers require access to the VMs on VNet1: Configure a Point-to-Site (P2S) VPN
Azure Information Protection, AIP
You have been tasked with making sure that users who connect to Azure AD via the internet from an unidentified IP address, are automatically encouraged to change passwords.
Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA
Network Security Groups, NSG
Deploy numerous web servers and database servers to Azure, Should allow for connection types between the web servers and database servers to be controlled.
Local Network Gateway
Azure App Service
Paas Service, host web apps
Azure SQL databases
Paas Service, managed relational cloud database service
Azure Site Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Azure Logic App
Management groups
Virtual Network Gateway / Gateway subnet
Enables the client computers on your on-premises network to communicate to the Azure virtual machines.
Support Request
Attempt to create several managed Microsoft SQL Server instances in an Azure environment and receive a message that you must increase your Azure subscription limits.
Azure Event Hubs
Collect events from multiple resources into a centralized repository
Azure Service Health
Be notified when Microsoft plans to perform maintenance that can affect the resources deployed to an Azure subscription
Azure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator
Azure Databricks
Big Data analysis service for machine learning, Apache Spark-based analytics service
Azure Synapse Analytics
Fully managed warehouse, colud-based that leverages massively parallel processing to query PB level data in relational database
Azure HDInsight
Managed Apache Hadoop(Open-Soource) clusters in the cloud that enable you process massive(distributed) amounts of data
Azure Data Lake Analytics
Massively parallel processing to query PB level data
Azure Functions
Serverless code platform
Azure Application Insights
Detects and diagnoses anomalies in web apps
Azure Monitor
Monitor performance of on-premises computers, sned alert to Azure AD security groups
Azure DevOps
Integrated Solutions for the deployment of code
Azure Advisor
A tool that provides guidance and recommendations to improve an Azure environment
Azure Cognitive Service
A simplified tool to build intelligent Artificial Intelligence applications


IoT Hub
Managed service that provides bidirectional communication between IoT devices and Azure, Processes data from millions of sensors
IoT Central
Fully managed software as Service solution to connect, monitor, and manage IoT device at scale
Azure Sphere
Communication & Security features for IoT Devices


Azure Charts