Dr. Agasa Hiroshi


Doctor of Philosophy

  • Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Age: 53
  • City: 日本
  • Website: AgasaHiroshi.research
  • Email: AgasaHiroshi@AgasaHiroshi.lab

私の名前は阿笠博士と申します。幼少期から科学と発明に対する情熱を持ち、創造的な頭脳を活かすことに喜びを見出してきました。学生時代、理工学の分野での学びに没頭し、数々の発明や技術に関する研究を行いました。 私の興味は広範で、特に道具やガジェットの設計と開発に情熱を傾けてきました。さまざまな機能を持つ道具を創り出すことで、人々の生活をより便利で楽しくすることが私の願いです。蝶ネクタイ型の声変わり装置や麻酔針ウォッチなど、革新的な道具の研究開発にも取り組んできました。



Doctor of Philosophy

1967 - 1975

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Thesis Title: "Study on the Application and Impact of Innovative Technological Props in Social Interaction" (「社会的相互作用における革新的な科学技術道具の応用と影響に関する研究」)

Master of Engineering

1965 - 1966

Tokyo Institute of Science, Japan

Thesis Title: "Props and Adolescent Psychology: Cultivating and Influencing Creative Thinking" (「道具と青少年心理学:創造的思考の育成と影響」)

Bachelor of Engineering

1960 - 1964

Tokyo Technology University, Japan

Professional Experience

Independent Inventor (独立発明家)

1986 - Present

Lab of Agasa Hiroshi, Japan

  • Established his own research laboratory, engaging in independent invention and innovation work. Devoted to designing and developing unique props and technological products, conducting experimental verifications and prototype testing. Collaborating with partners and industry experts, seeking investment and promoting innovative products
  • With my exceptional imagination and creativity, has created a fascinating array of props and technologies, significantly impacting people's lives. His contributions have garnered wide recognition in the fields of adolescent psychology and scientific innovation

Researcher (研究者)

1976 - 1985

The University of Tokyo, Japan

  • Joined a scientific research institution, focusing on the study of props and technology. Concentrated on developing new types of gadgets and devices and exploring their applications in everyday life and society. Conducting experiments and tests, collaborating with teams to advance scientific projects
  • Created a range of innovative technological props during the research process, such as the Butterfly Bowtie Voice Changer and Anesthetic Needle Watch, bringing convenience and safety to people's lives

Science Fiction Writer (SF作家)

1962 - 1975
  • Writing science fiction novels that explore the interaction between future technology and human society, as well as the imagination of gadgets and inventions. Through storytelling and character development, sparking readers' interest and thoughts on scientific innovation.
  • Inspiring young readers' passion for science and creativity through his works, providing fresh perspectives on the future world





Exploring the Psychology of Tools: From Adolescence to Adulthood

This book examines the influence of tools on psychological development and learning in different age groups. It provides a framework for understanding the psychology of tools and offers practical recommendations.



Introduction to Tool Engineering

This book provides an in-depth introduction to the basic principles and applications of tool design and engineering. It serves as an excellent beginner's guide for those who are new to the field or have an interest in tool technology.

Mysteries of Scientific Tools and Deduction

Through various detective cases, Dr. Agasa showcases the application of different scientific tools in crime scene investigation and problem-solving, presenting the fusion of science and deduction.